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Houston Latino Summit Mayoral Debate

Stace at Dos Centavos just finished liveblogging the Houston Latino Summit mayoral debate. Head over there for a recap of the discussion and some breakdown and sum-up.

Re: Houston Latino Summit Mayoral Debate

A couple of overall impressions, first, kudos to Marc Campos for putting on another very professionally run event. The Latino Summit this spring was also well run and informative. He is providing a great service to the community with these events (thanks to Council Member James Rodriguez for his role in these, as well.) I was surprised there wasn't a bigger crowd and that it was not a more diverse audience. I'm not saying it wasn't well attended and it wasn't diverse, but I thought Latino issues would be a draw for a bigger swath of the community. Speaking of issues, it felt at times more like an accountability session, not a debate and not a debate, but a forum. If there were rebuttals, they didn't register with me. I have a concern about districts being drawn for Hispanic representation. I think it decreases Hispanic participation in voting. A Hispanic will win, so no need to vote. So, the Hispanic vote does not contribute in any sort of big numbers for Mayor, U.S. Senate, Governor, other statewides, etc. A recession is never fun, and the doom, gloom, fast cash, and general air of degradation and decay. It seems that there isn’t ever any good news, at least during this recession.

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