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Chris Cillizza walks you through the politics of today's Supreme Court decision - that guns are sometimes an election year wedge issue, but that no one is making it their top ticket choice item in 2008 - in a new update from The Fix.

From The Fix

The minds of the American people were made up long ago when it comes to guns and gun control. External forces -- including today's decision -- seem unlikely to move big blocs of voters toward (or from) either candidate.


Anyone who thinks a Democrat is going to take away their guns needs a vacation. Anyone who things a Republican really cares about them keeping their guns needs a wake up call.

The Republicans can't exploit this ruling for anything more than one or two news cycles because the longer this case gets talked up, the more likely it is that the Boumedine and Kennedy decisions will also be talked about. Their rhetorical eggs will get scrambled and that's not something that they want to deal with right now.

In the end, there's far more hay to be made in November whining and sniveling about "activist judges" than there is about guns.

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