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Karl Rove Passes the Biggest Buck of All

This is not an angle I saw coming, but one I suppose we all should have expected: Karl Rove is now blaming Congress for the War in Iraq.

The video below is an excerpt from a recent appearance by Rove on Charlie Rose, in the middle of a full-court press to generate publicity for Karl and his various pursuits. What he proposes, with all context included, is that the Bush administration was reluctant to have Congress vote on the war when they did, as that apparently rushed them into things and politicized the issue as there was an election going on, and given more time, the Bush administration may have done something differently. And no, I'm not kidding. The reasoning has gone from "We were right to stomp our way into war and history will prove that we were right" to "We would have figured this out if it weren't for Congress all voting to okay the war and whatnot."

I can barely believe it, but look below. I have video proof.

It is a truly astounding argument and it is divorced from reality in such a way that is almost majestic in just the scope of the willful ignorance on display. What did Congress have to vote on, if not an approval of the war Bush had been rattling sabers for? What president in history has enjoyed the legislative energy Bush did in the 107th Congress, other than Bush with the unified GOP-led 108th and 109th? The idea that the Bush administration was ever forced or coerced to do something it would rather not have during the run up to the Iraq War is patently and utterly ludicrous.

Oh, and PS: During that 107th Congress, the Senate was controlled by Democrats. So don't be surprised if Karl starts trying to shape some message for blaming the Iraq War debacle on the Democratic Senate that year.

Darn government teachers

"Hey, Congress has voted for authorization. Guess that means we have no choice but to deploy now instead of waiting for the international approval that Karl Rove says we should get... darned Democratic Senate!"

I blame my high school government teacher for teaching me that the president is Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. Clearly, it's Congress that actually mobilizes troops. Karl Rove said so — it must be true!

Wait — does that mean GWB isn't really the Decider after all? Now I'm really confused.


And, because I've been encouraged, I have to add the following, respectfully submitted as an alternate title for the post:

The Decider's Decider Decides the Decider was Out-Decided

Has a ring to it, doesn't it?

I've watched it 3 times now

and I keep waiting for Charlie Rose to say, "Karl, you are so full of shit!" But, he doesn't say it. Maybe if I watch it again...

You can see that he totally

You can see that he totally wants to, though.

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