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News Roundup, 3/7/08: Dispatches From the Frozen North

One of the advantages of being a digital professional is that I can do my job from anywhere, and I often do. So on a day like today, when my town in North Texas is covered in the cheery, frozen aftermath of a major winter storm, we can still bring you the political news despite adverse weather conditions.

A top ticket news item from yesterday was Obama's final finance tally for February, which topped out at $55 million. Clinton's $35 million was a big deal and duly impressive, seeing as how February isn't even a complete month. The numbers these two candidates keep posting are almost inconceivable and no doubt frightening in the extreme for the GOP.

Our own Lorenzo Sadun made a good point about superdelegates, another currency the Democratic candidates truck in heavily as of late: why didn't anything happen among those ranks on Wednesday? Reticence and / or a desire to wait and see how some upcoming contests turn out may have been the impetus for a lack of action following Super Tuesday II.

In news on delegates of the pledged variety, the idea of a re-vote in Michigan seems to be taking hold at the roots of public consciousness, and there may be no avoiding it. The do-over is probably the best solution in a bad situation, and the DNC has been asserting itself quite hardily as of late, so it wouldn't surprise me if we had a schedule for Michigan's Primary Redux sometime next week.

The good news for Texas Democrats wasn't terribly difficult to extrapolate from Tuesday's results, but new and interesting bits of information continue to be gleaned from the goods. For instance, how about Lupe Valdez's vote totals?

Finally, while it is a well-known fact that liberals and progressives own the internet as far as politics goes, the Republicans are trying to learn, with mixed results. They've just now discovered cybersquatting, so feel free to party like its 1999.

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