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The Superdelegates That Didn't Bark

Most primaries are followed by a cascade of endorsements and superdelegate commitments. These usually go to the winner, although Obama has also used big endorsements (Kerry, Kennedy) to blunt the impact of a loss. So why did nothing happen on Wednesday? As far as I can tell, not a single superdelegate committed to either side.

One possibility is that the superdelegates just aren't ready to commit. The Clinton-leaners are looking for more evidence of her recovery, and the Obama-leaners don't want to jump in after a loss. The campaigns are twisting arms, but the superdelegates are refusing.

The other possibility is that Obama is holding his people back until after Wyoming and Mississippi. If he wins big there and gets a flock of superdelegates, he can argue that March 4 was just a speed bump. It seems less likely that Clinton is saving her reinforcements, since releasing them now would emphasize the importance of March 4, but maybe she's preparing to counter Obama's move.

Next Wednesday, we'll know.

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