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News Roundup, 4/25/08: Taking Care of Business

Senate Republicans continued the drive on behalf of business this week.

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise, but the vote on a bill making it easier for people to pursue legal action against pay discrimination came up a few votes short in the Senate, and Republicans were to blame. At every turn for as long as I've been paying attention, the GOP has gone to bat for business instead of consumers, or the little guy.

I do happen to know Republicans who are unabashed about this as a preference - they like being in a political party that favors the expansion of business interests at the expense of pretty much everything else. These are the guys that were born capitalists, and as they know what they're buying, I have less of a problem with it than when people really think the Republican Party is looking out for them against the elite.

Patrick had an interesting story for us yesterday about a proposed Masters degree in creationism here in Texas. The rub that caused the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to shoot down the idea had to do with science - a degree in creationism would not sufficiently prepare the degreed for teaching science. When the rubber meets the road, the argument came down to logic and expected utility, which are arguments I enjoy. (Our news item on the original submission to the board can be found here, along with some commentary on its potential ramifications. —ed.)

Speaking of logic, how about Pat Buchanan calling Rachel Maddow a Marxist?

In the wake of the Pennsylvania primary, I fully expected to hear more ideas about seating the delegates from Florida and Michigan. I was not disappointed. There are many aspects of American politics where I can examine a situation and make some sort of projection about what I think is at least likely to happen, but in this case, I really have no idea. There are so many free-roaming possibilities and uncertain variables that I just don't think what will happen is knowable until someone starts making a run for the sun with one of these proposals. Here's my prediction - the plan that actually ends up being put in place will be a counterproposal. Analyst desk, here I come!

Lastly today, Grace Stevens brings us a shiny new On The Record, this time with Jann Fletcher, the Archer County Democratic County chair. Enjoy your weekend (but stay with us today!) and thanks for reading.

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