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The NRCC Doesn't Know Who You're Voting For

If you're on the NRCC mailing list, you received this email today. It seems as if they aren't sure which presidential candidate their supporters will choose. Full text of the email after the jump.

You are invited to participate in our National Presidential Election Quick Poll. To participate and have your vote counted, simply click the name of the person you will vote for.

National Presidential Election Quick Poll Question

If the President Election were held today which candidate would you vote for?

        I would vote for John McCain.        I would vote for Barack Obama.

The National Republican Congressional Committee will compile the results and send them out shortly. So make sure you vote today to have your vote counted!

Thank you for participating and stay tuned for more National Presidential Election Quick Polls.

Yes yes, make sure you vote today.

It's a blatant lie

If you look at the two links for the two options, they both have the same URL.

Fun stuff...

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