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A Pictoral History of the "Terrorist Fist-Jab"

On the heels of the Fox News ridiculousness in which newly-demoted presenter E.D. Hill referred to Senator Barack Obama's pre-speech fist bump with his wife Michelle as a "terrorist fist-jab" comes a serious undertaking by Media Matters: they used the Google and put together a pictoral history of the mysterious gesture, even capturing Senator Joe Lieberman in the act of the storied fist pound. Pound it, Joe. Pound it.

Culture Fail

The whole grumpy old kerfluffle over the "terrorist fist-jab," (or as Cal Thomas described it in a spittle-inflected senior moment "Hezbollah style fist-jabbing") could not indicate any more perfectly just how divorced the conservative movement is from today's America.

Their painful separation from our country unfortunately extends beyond merely yelling at those damn kids to get off their lawn, though. They've got nothing to run on but fear and issues that separate us.

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