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Senate Movement On a Housing Bill

Looks like changes to FHA and some serious policy alterations to stem the tide of foreclosures are in the works.

You can read and hear (most likely), why should I bail you out?

Even tough I have always voted Democrat my entire life (because their views I've agreed with more than any other), I liked what McCain said the other day about the foreclosure problem. It was something along the lines of "we aren't going to bail people out just because they choose to get into a house that they could not afford." I mean we all can "think" and "read" and/or "hear" what the terms are on a contract we are about to sign, right? So...why should we bail them out? If the lenders were in the wrong, make them pay -- not the taxpayers! I'm getting really tired of the Democrats give give give mentality with no accountability whatsoever.

Republican Give Give Give

I'm tired of the Republican "give give give" mentality when it comes to welfare for the wealthy and affirmative action for Wall Street.

A lot of this mess deserves to be laid at Phil Gramm's feet. He's the bird who championed the complete Federal and state deregulation of the derivative market. There is more money tied up in derivatives than there is in stocks and bonds and none of that derivative market is open to public scrutiny while Bernanke's rescue of Bear sets a precedent for that unobservable private risk to be shouldered by the public. We're getting screwed royally in this equation.

I'd ten times rather see individuals and families who are behind on their loans get relief to buoy the value of those billions of dollars of mortgage backed securities and asset backed securities than to see the Fed bail out Bear Stearns as their unindicted executives float off on the wind in their golden parachutes.

And guess who is taking economic policy cues from Phil Gramm? John McCain.

Main Street bailouts or Wall Street bailouts? I know which one I support and it's not the one that helps millionaires feather their nests.


Just, yeah.

Just stop the handouts, Repubs & Demos...that would be nice!

Maybe a 3rd party will be required before the handouts stop.

But what about the hand ups?

But what about the hand ups?

Hand UPs are great! Everyone deserves a 2nd chance

however, if you are abusing mine and your tax dollars forget it. Each one of us are responsible for our own actions and should be held accountable unless of course, we are a diagnosed severe and persistently mentally ill case. I'm all for hand ups -- NOT hand outs! We've had enough of the hand outs in America.

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