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"SiCKO" in Plano

Screening Liberally, a concept under the Drinking Liberally and Cosmopolity umbrella, held its most recent group outing to watch SiCKO its opening weekend in Plano, Texas at the Angelika Theater. We used DFA's offer of promoting it on DFA Link and got people not normally in the Drinking Liberally circle to attend. We had 35 RSVP's and arrived at the theater this past Saturday to a packed house!

As we waited to enter the theater, we watched as people filtered out from the previous showing. Many were in complete silence. Others mentioned to us that it was one of the best movies Michael Moore has ever made. The anticipation was mounting.

As we waited, what had been an empty lobby when I arrived at 6pm had become a bustling line of people waiting for the 7:10pm movie. I would estimate that the theater was two-thirds full, which is really good. The management for Angelika once told me that the only movie to ever sell out in their Plano theater was Fahrenheit 9/11 on opening night. Michael Moore is a breadwinner for this theater in the heart of a red state.

I have to admit, I find it hard to discuss the problems with health care and insurance companies because I feel like a hypocrite when I do. My company is one of the few who cares about its employees' health. They pay for our premiums. We have a PPO plan that pays out at 80%. After $500 out of pocket, it reverts to 100% paid. And to top it off, we get prescription drugs for $2. I feel guilty for having it so good. I know there are a lot of other people out there who don't get it so easy, and SiCKO proves the point even more so. I cannot fathom allowing people to go untreated in this country, or to deny their claims. This movie made me cry not once, but twice, which is pretty hard to do in a public theater.

But on the bright side, it gave us insights into the rest of the world and how they live. Nobody complains about their taxes providing them free health care in Great Britain, France, or Canada. They live longer than Americans and are healthier. That should tell you something about why our system needs to change, beyond the fact that we are allowing corporations to make money on the illness and death of our citizens.

After the eye opening movie, true to our name, we drank liberally. Cru Wine Bar is a nice place to unwind and promote democracy one pint (or wine glass) at a time. I encourage everyone to get out and see SiCKO. Screen it Liberally with your local Drinking Liberally. You can find one or start your own by checking out

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