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Give Thanks For: Drinking Liberally

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I have been asked by The Texas Blue to dig deep in my recesses and tell everyone what I am most thankful for in my political life. I am most thankful for Drinking Liberally. No, this is not just another blog about excessive alcohol consumption. It is about a socio-political organization that has helped me develop as a politically well-rounded individual.

Special Election for HD 97: Better Late Than Never

Our good friend, Governor 39% Rick Perry, finally made the decision on Friday to call for a special election in Texas State House District 97.

The 2007 Parade Of Texas Constitutional Amendments

Odd numbered years are such an exciting time at the ballot box. November 2007 will be no different, as the Texas Legislature has once again left the wily voters a slew of Constitutional amendments to ponder. Of course, none of us ever really know why we have to vote on someone’s mineral rights in south Texas, but on occasion we do.

YDA Convention: Senator John Edwards

Senator John Edwards opened the Friday night General Session of the Young Democrats of America convention in Dallas with several standing ovations and strong support from the YDA delegates, guests, and press in attendance.

Personally Thank John Cornyn On Saturday July 14th

I am on a number of new mailing lists since I was recently a candidate in a non-partisan race for Dallas City Council. I just received one which I find VERY interesting: Senator Cornyn is coming to North Texas.

"SiCKO" in Plano

Screening Liberally, a concept under the Drinking Liberally and Cosmopolity umbrella, held its most recent group outing to watch SiCKO its opening weekend in Plano, Texas at the Angelika Theater.

Some People Still Prefer CINTRA Over NTTA... OLE!

This past Monday's 27-10 vote by the Regional Transportation Council in favor of the NTTA bid for construction and maintenance of State Highway 121 over that of Spanish consortium CINTRA was largely symbolic. The Texas Transportation Commission still has the final say in who receives the bid, and they may go against this vote next week.

Dallas City Runoff Election Results

Build it, and they will vote. Your new Dallas Mayor: former Turner Construction CEO Tom Leppert.

Denton County Republican Endorses Democrat For Mayor Of Dallas

I was as shocked as you are. I went to my mailbox this week and opened my umpteenth piece of literature from Ed Oakley for Mayor of Dallas. But wait! This was no ordinary lit drop, no ordinary endorsement. It was an endorsement from the retired Republican Denton County Commissioner from Precinct 2, the Honorable Sandy Jacobs.

Running the Realm of Red & Blue in Nonpartisan Elections

Texas tradition (and a law, here and there) has held that municipal elections in the state must be nonpartisan. In other words, you cannot have Democrat or Republican (or any party, for that matter) next to your name on the ballot. City Council and mayoral candidates have had to walk the fine line of non-partisanship while maintaining their own party allegiances in the background for quite some time. The major parties have also maintained official impartiality regarding candidates in these races. That is, until now.

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