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Dallas City Runoff Election Results

Build it, and they will vote. Your new Dallas Mayor: former Turner Construction CEO Tom Leppert.

In what has to be one of the weirdest situations I've seen, more votes were cast in a runoff election than in the previous month's election. 85,600 ballots were cast for the Dallas Mayoral June runoff, which was over 14,000 more than in the 11 candidate race in May. Maybe someone took a page out of the Chicago playbook and visited some cemeteries for swing votes?

Tom Leppert 57.85% 49,517 votes
Ed Oakley 42.15% 36,083 votes

Here are your results for the Dallas City Council runoffs. A very close race in Place 3.

Dallas Council Place 3
Dave Nuemann 52.03% 3,647 votes
Joseph Hernandez 47.97% 3,362 votes

Dallas Council Place 5
Vonciel Jones Hill 63.01% 3,231 votes
Betty Culbreath 36.99% 1,897 votes

Dallas Council Place 7
Carolyn Davis 57.44% 2,414 votes
Donald Parish 42.56% 1,789 votes

Dallas Council Place 8
Tennell Atkins 57.94% 2,175 votes
Charles Rose 42.06% 1,579 votes

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Didn't want to be contrary

...but I was sort of guessing that we'd see pretty high turnout on this. 11 choices were just too darn many — that would just intimidate people. It's much easier to make a choice when one only has to differentiate between two people. Which, of course, wouldn't be that significant, except that we could've guessed that Leppert was going to respond to Oakley's turnout-boosting grassroots efforts by doing some GOTV of his own in areas that favored him. So I was picturing a sort of GOTV war in my head. I don't know if that's actually what happened, but that was my hunch.

Maybe right

You're probably right. And also I decided that since May 12 was such a nice day outside, that nobody wanted to bother voting. June 16 was crappy, so they had nothing better to do :)

I also think Leppert simply did a better GOTV effort, especially in North Dallas. He won each of the Denton County precincts handily (and most of those are Democratic).


I didn't know that. That's surprising, considering how much ground-pounding Oakley did for the general. And a little disappointing, too, I think.

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