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Smoking Ban Readies For Round Two

Last week, Representative Myra Crownover (R-Denton) and Senator Rodney Ellis (D-Houston) filed legislation in both the House and the Senate to institute a statewide smoking ban in the workplace. That means everyone's workplace, including bars, pool halls and restaurants.

This isn't the first time that we've seen Representative Crownover bring up legislation supporting a smoking ban. In the 80th Legislature, her smoking ban legislation passed, but only after it was staggered under the weight of so many amendments that it was rendered toothless. There was an interesting intra-county rivalry over that legislation, too (one of the few times we can write of such a thing happening here in Denton County!): The leader of the opposition to the smoking ban in the 80th Legislature was none other than fellow Republican Burt Solomons of Carrollton. Representative Solomons argued that such bans should be left up to local leadership.

Since the Lege last tangoed with a statewide ban, both Dallas and Corpus Christi have expanded local smoking bans to include bars and pool halls. It will be interesting to see if Round Two of this public health tilt will be significantly different from Round One. I don't think that local control proponents like Representative Solomons are going to suddenly change their stripes from one legislative session to the next and get on the statewide ban bandwagon. If I were a betting man, I'd bet that the anti-ban folks will point toward the expansions in Corpus Christi and Dallas as evidence that local control is the best way to go on this issue.

A question

I got a question. What is the meaning of "D-Houston" and "R-Denton"? I hope to get the answer soon.Or please email me the a lot.

It's Party and Place

The first letter, D for Democratic or R for Republican, signifies the political party of the individual. The place name that follows it is the town or city that their district lies in or that is associated with their district.

In this case, Senator Ellis is a Democrat and his Senate District lies within the boundaries of Houston, so I referred to him as "D-Houston". Representative Crownover is a Republican and Denton is the county seat of Denton County, within which her House District lies, so I referred to her as "R-Denton".

Thank you very much!:-)

Thank you very much!:-)

State Wide Smoking Ban

I am a Bar Owner in Pasadena Texas. Back in 2007 the city of Pasadena passed a smoking ban that included bars and clubs. During the first 6 months after that ban was passed, most of the bars and clubs were very close to having to close their doors due to lack of business. The bar owners in Pasadena formed a group called Pasadena Bar Owners Group (PBOG) as a group; we approached the Mayor and City Council with our concerns. We pointed out how much revenue that the bars lost and how much revenue the city will be losing in the form of taxes, permits, fees, etc. We also pointed out that no one has the right to dictate a lifestyle choice for people.

We came to an agreement to use logic and common sense in drafting an exemption for bars and clubs. We have taken measure to install state of art air filtration systems, provide medical insurance for employees and enforcing a “No One Under the Age of 21 Allowed” and advising customers that they would be entering an establishment that would expose them to second hand smoke. Allowing them to make the decision to enter or not.

This is the right way to handle this Smoking Issue.

Danney Moore
Ramblin Rose
Pasadena, Texas

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