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State Board Of Education Votes Down In-Depth Study Of First Amendment

Earlier today, the Texas State Board of Education, in a straight party line vote, voted down an amendment that would require Texas schoolchildren to study the reasons why the First Amendment prohibits the establishment of a state religion. The Board's seven Republican Board members voted against the amendment while the Board's five Democratic members voted for it. The amendment was proposed by Board member Mavis Knight (D-Dallas). For a group that has been running around Texas talking about how health care reform is unconstitutional and how Texas ought to re-affirm our sovereignty under the auspices of the 10th Amendment, it reeks of the deepest hypocrisy and the rankest moral dishonesty to privilege certain Amendments in the Bill of Rights while ignoring others. Welcome to Texas, where nothing is off limits for the Texas GOP.

Religious right totally insane and out of control

This is the insane reactionary political ideology of the religious right that has hijacked the Republican party in Texas.This is the party of No and "Photo-Opt Rick Perry". The people of Texas(members off the Republican party)has been misled into believing Perry is a conservative. The only true conservative in Texas politics is Ron Paul. His supporters understand the Republican party of Texas is in the same condition as the national Republican party. It has been hijacked by the religious right and controlled by "Corporate America". It is no longer the GOP of the people. That died. Now corporate owns the GOP. We have taken over Nueces county and other Republican(corporate) strongholds in the state. The ground swell must continue.Ron Paul is only a figure head but we need a young leader with great auditory powers to carry forward the message. America will only become strong when we throw off the bonds of the corporate owned politicians(Democrat or Republican). We must bring home all troops from Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan, Poland, Germany and the rest of the world. We can no longer be the worlds policemen.Place them on the southern border from Brownsville to the Pacific, what a boost in the economy to have all our military spending their money in the USA. We will stop all illegal immigration and drugs.Don't fine employers for hiring illegals, make it a mandatory 5 in the federal pen. That would end the draw for the illegal and with no ability to bargain a plea end all employers from hiring illegals. Cut off all social programs and you would see a mass evacuation when the free goodies were gone.Bush bankrupt the country with the occupation of Iraq. We must reinstate regulation of banking,and all interstate commerce for the good of the nation. We have seen the destruction of our economy and trade with uncontrolled greed of corporate. We must revisit all trade agreements and re-negotiate fair not free trade agreements.Tax all corporations that move off shore the amount on incoming goods that they save in labor by moving offshore for cheap labor. This is the only way we will rebuild our industries, other wise we will become a third world country. Look at the decline of the middle class. We have to throw the yokes of slavery(cheap labor) off the backs of the middle class.The religous(corporate controlled) Republicans must cease to exist in Texas. They have to go the way of the Whigs.

Out of control Republican Party and the first amendment

Well there is no Ron Paul candidate now running for the top state office. That candidate was sabotaged by one of the national party operatives(GLEN BECK).So,lets move on. The only individual now in the state governor's race that won't push the North American Union, and the confiscating of property to build the highway from Mexico to Canada is Bill White. Do we want a North American Union with new currency and a bureaucracy over ruling our government. NO! Then vote---- Bill White. We don't need more forced vaccinations or refusal to take federal monies(for grandstanding). Do we need an SOB arrogant enough to suggest we secede from the union (again grandstanding for the right wing nuts), That should illustrate the level of intelligence of those supporting Rick Perry. I urge all Independents to support Bill White, don't stay home because you don't like either. Your vote counts.

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