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A Strategic Retreat Into Hockey

I'd just like to take this opportunity to say something fun that has nothing to do with politics at all: the Dallas Stars are in the playoffs again, and they spent last night destroying Anaheim in Game 1, 4 - 0. Go Stars.

Quite A Sports Night

Last night was quite the sports night for the D/FW area.

The Rangers swept their double header with the Orioles, fulfilling the magic formula for contention for at least one day (Win 2/3 of your home games and 1/2 of your road games).

Dirk Nowitzki actually made one of those last second shots he's always taking to clinch a playoff spot for the Mavs in a win against Conference rival Utah.

And then there was the Stars. They played as flawless a game of hockey last night as I've seen from them in years.

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