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The Texas Blue
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A "Who's Blue?" audio podcast.

Interview with Joe Jaworski

Our guest on this week's show is Joe Jaworski, candidate for Texas State Senate in District 11. We discuss how he got his start in politics, the fundraising success he experienced in 2007, and how the job he would do in the Senate would differ from that of incumbent Republican Senator Mike Jackson. Get it after the jump.

22:50 minutes (8 MB)

Interview with Ruben Hernandez

This week’s guest is Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Ruben Hernandez. We discuss what the party’s been up to throughout the previous year, what they have planned for 2008, and how the party plans to mobilize the Hispanic vote in Texas. Download and play after the jump.

18:40 minutes (8 MB)

Best of 2007

On this week’s episode, we look back at some of the best Who’s Blues from 2007. We’ll have highlights from our interviews with former DNC Chairman (and Ambassador) Terry McAuliffe, General Wes Clark, DNC Chairman Howard Dean, Congressman Charlie Rangel, and CNN’s Paul Begala. Download and play after the jump.

12:10 minutes (5.57 MB)

Interview with Congressman Ciro Rodriguez

This week’s guest is Ciro Rodriguez, the Congressman representing the 23rd District in Texas. We discuss what made him decide to run again for Congress, what’s being done on health care and veterans issues on the Hill, and the importance of education. Download and play after the jump.

24:40 minutes (8 MB)

Interview with Robert Miklos

Our guest this week is Robert Miklos, candidate for state representative in District 101. We discuss his motivations for running, how his campaign will be different from other campaigns, and how things are changing politically in North Texas. Download and play after the jump.

12:00 minutes (5.5 MB)

Interview with State Representative Garnet Coleman

Our guest on this week's show is Garnet Coleman, State Representative from District 147 in Houston and a member of the Texas House Democratic Leadership. We discuss tuition deregulation, the handling of SCHIP, and how 2008 is shaping up for Texas Democrats. Download and play after the jump.

15:05 minutes (6.91 MB)

Interview with Garry Mauro

On this week’s episode our guest is Garry Mauro. Mauro served four terms as Texas Land Commissioner and ran for Governor against George Bush in 1998. We discuss his life and career in Texas politics, the Democratic outlook for 2008, and his current involvement in Senator Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Download and play after the jump.

29:37 minutes (8 MB)

Interview with Doug Dodson

Our guest on this week's episode is Doug Dodson, a longtime Democratic operative and veteran of campaigns in Texas and across the United States. We talk about campaign strategy, getting candidates to ask for money, and why he hangs a sword on the wall of his campaign office. Download and play after the jump.

18:05 minutes (8 MB)

State Representative Rick Noriega

Our guest on this week’s episode of Who's Blue is Rick Noriega, a State Representative from District 145 in Harris County who is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the Texas Army National Guard and a candidate for the United State Senate.

We speak with Noriega about his campaign, what inspired him to run, and policy issues currently under debate in the United States. Download and play after the jump.

19:10 minutes (8 MB)

2007 Constitutional Amendment Election Special

On a special 2007 Constitutional Amendment Election edition of the show, we speak with Texans To Cure Cancer Treasurer John Sharp and State Representative Ellen Cohen about Proposition 15, how they came to support the proposition, and what its passage could mean for Texas. Download and play after the jump.

23:35 minutes (8 MB)
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