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Farmers Branch City Ordinance Causes A Stir

A small suburb of Dallas is adding noise to the immigration debate. The city is actually my hometown of Farmers Branch, Texas. In November of last year, the Farmers Branch city council voted unanimously to establish new ordinances as the part of the city's crackdown on illegal immigration. The first ordinance requires property owners to confirm the citizenship of property renters, and fines those property managers who rent to illegal immigrants.

Victory in Hale Center: Keeping Laney's Seat

Why do Democrats continue to win a seat that is tailored for Republicans? Texas House of Representative District 85 voted 76% for George Bush in 2004, yet that house seat has been in Democrats' hands since 2001. Surprisingly, Speaker Pete Laney won his bids for re-election by comfortable margins, winning with 59% of the votes in 2004. Republicans and Democrats both felt District 85 would return to the GOP, but things got more complex once Speaker Laney announced that he was not running for re-election.

John Cornyn: Vulnerable in '08?

With the significant shift in the national political landscape, many political pundits are wondering if this is a sustainable trend or simply voter angst about the Iraq War. 2008 will provide us with the answer: Has there been a paradigm shift or was 2006 just a protest vote?

In Texas, Junior Senator John Cornyn will be running for reelection as a one term incumbent. As his bid for reelection begins to take shape, this article is designed to examine his potential vulnerability in 2008 and speculate as to who may be his Democratic opponent.

No More Pay To Play

It was extremely encouraging to read the day after the election that the number one motivating force for voters this year was the issue of ethics and corruption. It out-polled the war in Iraq! Over 40 percent of the people interviewed for CNN's exit poll said they considered ethics and corruption in government extremely important. It's about time.

Texroots: How the Texas Netroots are Helping Move Texas Forward

With Matt Glazer

We are honored to write this piece for The Texas Blue; however, we must be upfront: we are only two voices in the highly active, constantly evolving Texroots community. Texas is home to one of the most vibrant progressive group of bloggers in the country, and that Texroots community (Grassroots + Internet + Texas = Texroots) is working every day to help move Texas forward.

What Youth is Doing

Many media pundits and elders within political parties are constantly passing judgment on the youth for low voter turnout and lack of political awareness. Yet organizations like the College Democrats of America and the Young Democrats of America are working to change minds and to get young people active in the political process. In Texas, both organizations are working to get college students and young professionals involved in campaigns and to increase voter turnout among our young Democrats.

Water Rights & Wrongs

The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) projects that North Texas population and water demands will rise significantly between 2010 and 2060. During this period, TWDB calculates the North Texas population will increase approximately 98 percent and water demand 87 percent. Based on existing water supplies and unmitigated future demands, TWDB forecasts a water deficit of almost 2 million acre-feet by 2060.

Youth Turnout

There are countless perennial questions that face the politicos of the world:

Where will we get the cash?

How much sleep do I really need?

Another political blog? Really?