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Jaworski One to Watch

When writing an article, it is always useful to determine what its subject will be before you begin. I did not follow this rule when I began writing a story about Senate District 11 several weeks ago, and thus I cast about for most of the time I was writing it. Written on one page of notes, top corner: "What's my angle?" Written in the middle of a text file: "WHAT IS THIS ABOUT?" As luck would have it, shortly before my deadline, I determined the problem to be one of delineation rather than definition. My problem wasn't that I was trying to profile Democratic candidate Joe Jaworski while at the same time writing The Big Story of the Impending Senate District 11 Race. Rather, my problem was that I was trying to tell those stories as two separate things, when Joe Jaworski is The Big Story of the Impending Senate District 11 Race.

The American Worker Through Fractured Glass

Immigration has come to the forefront as a hot-button economic issue this election cycle, but as the American people debate the costs and benefits of foreign labor to the United States, another portion of that economic issue has been left woefully underdiscussed: outsourcing.

The New Face of the Texas Democratic Party

Last Tuesday afternoon, I sat down with the Texas Democratic Party's executive director Ruben Hernandez, communications director Amber Moon, and deputy communications director Hector Nieto to discuss the 2008 elections, the TDP's recent activities, and their plans for the future.

Reflecting on 62 Years

Today is Tuesday, August 14th. Here in Denton, we're in the middle of our first searing heat wave of the summer. As the mercury once more looks to blast past the century mark, I'm thinking about two wars separated by 62 years. One, arguably the struggle for the soul of the 20th century, ended 62 years ago today. The other, a struggle that looks like it will define the first half of the 21st century, continues on without an exit strategy for our soldiers nor any serious progress towards a necessary political solution from our current crop of Iraqi political leaders.

Concerning the Rules of the Texas House of Representatives

Representative Strama presents the text of a personal privilege speech he made on the floor of the House as an opinion piece concerning House rules and Speaker Craddick's assertions about the power of his position. His speech offers a perspective on the events that is an enlightening addition to the briefs and opinions on the subject. - JB ed.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I am aware that we have an important calendar to attend to today, so I will keep this brief. But I want to tell you I haven’t slept in two nights — and it is not over the question of whether we should vacate the Chair.

A Credible Threat: Current American Health Care

The top ten causes of death in the Unites States for 2004 were heart disease, with 654,092 reported deaths; cancer, with 550,270; stroke, with 150,147; chronic lower respiratory disease, with 123,884; accidents, with 108,694; diabetes, with 72,815; Alzheimer’s disease, with 65,829; influenza and pneumonia, with 61,472; kidney disease, with 42,762; and septicemia, with 33,464. Of the 108,694 accidental deaths, 46,933 were caused by motor vehicle traffic, 19,250 by unintentional poisoning, and 18,535 by unintentional falls. These figures are typical and representative of what one could expect from year to year. So where exactly does terrorism fit into this picture?

Annie's What?

Annie’s List is a political action committee that recruits, trains and supports Democratic women candidates throughout Texas who are committed to fighting for the health, safety and financial security of women and their families. We were named in honor of Annie Webb Blanton, the first woman elected to statewide office in 1918.

Legislating Language, Practically

Working for a newspaper in a heavily Hispanic community, reporters are exposed to the realities of language on a daily basis.

Can The Perfect And The Good Play Nice?

Ever since Bush vetoed the Iraq spending bill with timetables in May and Congress was forced to temporarily scale back its demands for firm dates, many progressives have been insisting that congressional Democrats take a hard-line position requiring an exit plan from Iraq.

At the all-night Senate debate two weeks ago, the Democratic leadership showed that they were listening to their constituents: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid refused to consider several weaker proposals limiting American involvement in Iraq, insisting on "more aggressive Democratic measures to begin withdrawing troops" instead. This has been followed by a renewed push to require a concrete plan for withdrawal from President Bush, as well as a proposed plan to actually begin withdrawal in two months.

It seems that the hard-liners are finally getting what they want — aren't they?

Friday Night Lights

There's a Friday night tradition here in Texas, a tradition that stretches from two stoplight towns in the windy Panhandle to crowds of thousands in the Valley. It includes stadiums full of screaming fans who are closer to their 20 Year Reunions than they are to graduation to Six Man contests that shut down whole burgs, ranging from oilfield towns in West Texas to the suburbs of Dallas/Ft. Worth to inside the Beltway in Houston.

Football is King in Texas, and the "Friday night lights" of football stadiums of every size imaginable are football's court.