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The Message Discipline Equation

After the 2004 elections, it seemed the Republican Party spin machine was invincible. They could just throw a few 9/11 references in a television ad and victory was almost inevitable.

What Peace Process?

George W. Bush just finished his first visit to Israel as president, and restated his support for the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian "peace process", also called the "road map". The trouble is, there is no ongoing peace process.

Speaker Pete Laney, Then and Now

In the fall of 1971, Hale County Democratic Party chairman Pete Laney called a meeting of the County Executive Committee. At that meeting he submitted his resignation as county chair and announced that he was running for State Representative, District 85.

A Democratic Outlook

It’s funny what you end up recalling from a long statewide campaign. You have literally thousands of conversations along the way and there’s no way to remember all of them, but some stay in your mind as if they took place yesterday.

Post-Caucus Mopping Up

As I write this, the punditocracy will be settling in for their beauty sleep while their harried researchers and writers burn the midnight oil in search of the perfect tweak to the conventional wisdom that will set Beltway tongues wagging until next Tuesday's New Hampshire primary.

2008: The Texas Blue Crystal Ball

Last week's TDQLI was precisely calculated using a painstakingly determined statistical model able to map the projected value of political events over the past year. Pretty impressive, no? Well, wait 'til you get a load of this: The Texas Blue Projected Events Indicator — TBPEI, or as we like to call it, the TB Crystal Ball.

2007: The Year In Review

The Texas Democratic Quality of Life Index for 2007 is a powerful, secret number. It can only be determined by discussing some of the big political happenings from the last year, considering what they mean, and then assigning an arbitrary score to those events to indicate their political impact. This is not the DPI that your friends talk about when they use some obscure formula to determine how a generic Democrat would perform against Abraham Lincoln in your precinct in the event of a meteor strike. This is the TDQLI 2007.

Home for Political Christmas

Age teaches us that we should be more concerned with giving rather than receiving. That’s why the older we get, the fewer presents we see under the tree from Santa.

Corporate Immunity?

Lately, insurance industry backed lobby outfits and corporate funded think tanks have started a flurry of press releases and opinion pieces in papers all across Texas. They are pushing news stories in the state and national press spinning a yarn about what they perceive to be the success of so-called tort “reform” in Texas.

Pre-Planned Holiday Content

This is a whole article in and of itself, courtesy of friend of the show Mike Gravel.