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Iraq: Five Years and Fading

(VoteVets chairman Jon Soltz took part in our veteran's series last year. Today Soltz shares some thoughts on the media and our ongoing wars. Originally published at the Huffington Post, reprinted by permission.)

This marks the five-year anniversary of the war in Iraq. Usually, I'm against the media playing up these kinds of things. After all, the five-year date is no different than the day before in Iraq, or the day after in Iraq. Troops are still under attack, some die, some are wounded every day in Iraq, and no anniversary changes that.

Letters from the Front

I was in Copley Square in Boston on Election Night in 2004. I stayed up all night and then went to Faneuil Hall to watch John Kerry concede.

Rick Perry's Five Year Plan

When speaking to Republicans, Governor Rick Perry talks of defeating the “liberal scourge” and portrays the ’08 election as a “fight for the soul of the nation.” Given his conservative values, and those of his supporters, one might expect Perry to fall in with Mike Huckabee. Instead he endorsed the two Republicans conservatives hate most: Rudy Giuliani, and John McCain. Taken with some of Perry’s recent activities, it seems clear that the governor is planning for his political future.

Texas “Two Step” Invites All Voters To “Join the Party”

Throughout the 2008 Texas primary process, several writers and even an editorial board have suggested contacting the Texas Democratic Party headquarters to ask for a “simplified” delegate selection plan. We welcome calls and letters, but starting with our precinct convention on the evening of March 4th, every Democratic primary voter has a more direct opportunity to help their favorite presidential candidate and have a say about our delegate selection plan at the same time.

Record Early Voting Turnout Numbers

Turnout numbers for early voting are eclipsing past primary voting turnouts in Texas. I think everyone was pretty pumped up about seeing states like Iowa double their turnout numbers this year over 2004, and we were all hoping for the same thing to happen in Texas. But few were expecting the numbers to be this high.

Annie’s List in 2008

What a great time for women in politics! With Speaker Pelosi presiding in Congress and Sen. Clinton making a historic run for the White House, women candidates up and down the ballot are moving to center stage. Annie’s List is ready to build on our history of success — eight new progressive Democratic women elected to the House in our three years, including five in the 2006 election cycle — by supporting the greatest number of candidates to date.

The Rest of the States

With the dust having settled from the Potomac Primary, Barack Obama has a lead of about 30 delegates over Hillary Clinton in the race for the presidential nomination. Obama is up by about 120 pledged delegates and down about 90 superdelegates, with the exact numbers depending on whose count you trust. Clinton will need to make that up in the remaining contests, especially in the big states of Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Can she do it?

Five Things to Consider About the Texas Primary

As soon as it became obvious that Texas' primary election was going to matter for at least one party and possibly both, media coverage of political currents in Texas began in earnest. As we prepare for the coming weeks, there are a few things that I keep coming back to.

We Need to Focus On Texas’ Problems, Not Politics

Democrat Dan Barrett’s remarkable win in Fort Worth’s House District 97 has boosted Democratic hopes for the 2008 election cycle and has Democrats all over Texas talking excitedly about winning back a majority in the Texas House of Representatives.

What Women Voters Need In 2008

What do women voters need in 2008? I say it is economic security and affordable health care, and not the rotten health insurance system plaguing the U.S.