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Oil Crisis of Epic Proportion on Horizon

On December 26, 2004 the water off the coasts of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand began receding. Some people recognized the receding sea as a warning and headed toward higher ground. Many others oblivious to the imminent danger ventured out on to the coast to investigate the rare sight. What followed was a deadly tsunami that swept up and killed close to a quarter million people. The warning signs were there, but few too many people understood what was about to happen.

Races That Could Surprise You: TX U.S. District 10

While the Texas state races are heating up, there's one national congressional seat that should be getting more attention. Democratic challenger Larry Joe Doherty looks to be making a strong contention for the seat held by incumbent congressman Michael McCaul (R) in Congressional District 10.

A New Energy Future

While the debate about our energy future rages among the Presidential candidates, a similar debate is quietly taking place here in Texas. A few weeks ago, the Governor's Competitiveness Council released a draft Texas Energy Plan to guide Texas' energy decisions in coming years.

Change Is Good

When Josh, Curtis, Karl and I founded the Blue about a year and a half ago, we never would have imagined that we would have risen so quickly in the Texas blog community. We've got all of you to thank for the success we've seen and hope to continue to see long into the future.

A Strategic Retreat Into Scholarship

There are some big changes coming both for the Texas Blue and for yours truly.

The Experiment Continues to Illuminate

Today, we mark 232 years since our nation declared its independence and launched the greatest experiment in democracy the world has ever known.

(Voluntarily) Moving Texas Forward

The 2008 TDP State Convention was not what I expected. The possibility existed for a massive Jets vs. Sharks standoff, a large rumble between Obama supporters and Clinton supporters that could go on for days in contentious protracted parliamentary procedure.

Wendy Davis Gets Good News in SD 10

We've been tracking the campaign of Wendy Davis for state senator in District 10 pretty closely here at the Blue. Some recent polling data — some reliable, some not so much, but all of it good news — has come out that should have incumbent Senator Kim Brimer sweating over his seat.

Conventional Wisdom Unites Democrats

The caucuses, resolutions, candidacies and debates of the 2008 Texas Democratic Party Convention, gladly interrupted by the televised endorsement of Senator Obama by Senator Clinton, linked Texans intimately with the First Continental Congress, with John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington.

The Case for Boyd Richie

Throughout the primary season, the Texas Blue did not endorse. We wanted badly to remain neutral while still bringing you news and analysis throughout the primary season and then, later, throughout the extended presidential primary process as well. Yesterday the Democratic primary officially ended and Barack Obama became the Democratic Party's nominee. Today it is a point of pride for me to personally endorse Boyd Richie for Texas Democratic Party chair.