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2007 Constitutional Amendment Election Analysis

Tomorrow, November 6, is Election Day for the 2007 Texas constitutional amendment election. Which you likely already know — Lance Armstrong's well-publicized push to pass Proposition 15 may make this one of the more visible constitutional amendment elections in recent history.


Nontroversy: n. A contraction of the term non-controversy; a contrived controversy meant to change a discussion from substantive to petty. Syn. gossip, whining, hackery, petulance, hypocrisy

On SCHIP, Children Have the Most to Lose

Perhaps the most bitter and significant fight in Congress this year has to do with the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).

Gun Held to Big Bend’s Head

The debate over the Christmas Mountains in west Texas has a cast of characters that a writer could only dream of concocting: A pistol-packing land commissioner, the Unabomber’s brother, a wealthy philanthropist, the editor of Ronald Reagan’s diaries, a bird named after Satan, narco-traffickers and coyote immigrant smugglers, an errant cartographer, and of course, a big herd of muledeer.

Policy Question: What should be the FPL Limit on SCHIP?

The State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) is the premier policy issue of the day and is getting a lot of attention both at the state and federal level.

Primary, Secondary, Tertiary

The calendar fight is officially on: last Tuesday, Democratic candidates Obama, Edwards, Richardson, Biden and Kucinich withdrew from Michigan's January 15th Democratic primary. Senators Clinton and Dodd have both announced that they will not campaign in Michigan for the primary with Senator Biden referring to it as a "beauty contest." There has been a similar lack of candidate enthusiasm over Florida's early primary date of January 29th and there were two lawsuits filed in the last two weeks over the DNC's refusal to seat Florida's delegates at the national convention next year due to their early primary date. As they say in sports, game on!

TexBlog PAC: Working Towards A House Majority

Rick Perry slithered into the Governor's Mansion again with the support of a pitiful 39% of Texas voters. A gerrymandered redistricting map created an overwhelming Republican majority in the Texas Senate. The Texas House has a Republican Speaker who has declared himself an "auto-Craddick" dictator, immune to removal by the body that selected him.

Our Oceans At Risk

My fourteen month old son Gus loves the ocean. Already he’s gone swimming in the Gulf, the Caribbean and the Pacific, he loves eating fish and watching old Jacques Cousteau submarine adventures, and he just cracks up laughing when his octopus bath toy emerges from the depths of our tub.

But the ocean ain’t what it used to be and if we don’t take action soon, little Gus will have to rely on the My Aquarium application on Facebook to see what sealife used to look like.

Explaining and Bragging: How We Should Talk About CHIP in X's & O's

SMU Political Science Professor Cal Jillson told the Dallas Morning News on October 5th, "If you're bragging, you're winning; if you're explaining, you're losing. And this is a vote that he has to explain." This was in reference to the junior Senator from Texas, John Cornyn, voting against the SCHIP bill.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

With apologies to The Clash, their song was the first thing that popped into my head last night when I read through one of the Recommended diaries on Daily Kos about this being now or never time for Al Gore to decide whether or not to run for President in 2008. Read on for why my vote would be "never".