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The Difference

Texans have always had a good amount of theatrical performance in them. Lloyd Bentsen's classic debate set-up and beat-down of Dan Quayle in 1988 is the stuff of legend. Perhaps even better was Lyndon Johnson's quip after his landslide election in 1964 about how, despite the presence of so many Ivy League graduates around, a Texas State Teacher's College alum was the one in charge.

Clean Air Smells Like Money

It used to be that business leaders might describe the odor of industrial emissions as the “smell of money”. But these days, money has an entirely different smell — that of fresh, clean air. While no state has likely made more money off of smokestack industries than Texas, the growing urgency of our state’s air quality crisis, combined with the emergence of new “cleantech” industries, is leading many entrepreneurs to new, clean ways to make money.

The Dirt: Opposition Research

When they do surveys on the most reviled professions, lawyers, HMO managers, advertisers, members of Congress, used car salesmen and Barry Bonds’ nutritionist top the list. It’s always been my opinion, though, that the only reason opposition researchers aren’t on that list is that few people know we exist.

That’s what I do for a living.

El Otro Lado

El Otro Lado. The Other Side.

This term has been heard in Texas ever since the days of the Republic. Texas began its political existence as an independent Republic carved out of Mexico, which was subsequently annexed by the United States as the 28th state. As Texas still shares a natural border with Mexico, the subjects of both legal and illegal immigration have always had a special place in Texas culture.

The Road to 2010: A Blue Texas or the Texas Blues?

“The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy's not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable.” – Sun Tzu, "The Art of War" 6th century B.C.

A Heck of a Job On Civil Rights Enforcement

I’m all for office costume parties, but Julie Myers won't need to send me an invitation to any of her future parties.

Veterans Day Speech to American Legion Post 121 in Waco

U.S. Representative Chet Edwards gave the following speech at the American Legion Post 121 in Waco, Texas, to honor the lives of local fallen soldiers this Veterans Day. President Bush was in attendance.

TLCV: Voters Should Reject “Toxic” Bill Keffer… Again

In 2006, voters in Dallas County stated unambiguously that they were pro-clean air, and pro-conservation by electing Democrat Allen Vaught over the incumbent polluter protector, Republican Bill Keffer. It appears as though former Representative Keffer is going to once again attempt to impose his anti-environment ideology on Dallas County and the state of Texas.

Modern Campaign Techniques

It should come as no surprise that the most significant advances in campaign techniques over the last decade have come in the fields of communications and targeting. After all, talking to the right voters with the right message is the essence of any campaign strategy.

Farmers Branch Ordinances Become a Costly Controversy

Immigration reform has been thrust into the national spotlight and is the focus of much debate among presidential candidates. A small town in Texas made national headlines in May when it passed a city ordinance that prohibits landlords from renting to illegal immigrants. Thus began a public debate about the enforcement of immigration laws.