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No Changes Any Time Soon for Wounded Troops

Many of us were alarmed at the conditions faced by our wounded soldiers at the Walter Reed Army Hospital outpatient facility. Wounded soldiers were surrounded by crumbling walls, broken light fixtures, and rats. The conditions were deplorable, and a round of firings was sure to get the ball rolling on fixing the issue.

Combat Stress Conference Works For Our War Fighters, Veterans, and Families

The 15th Annual Military and Civilian International Combat Stress Conference was born of the first Persian Gulf conflict. As a commanding officer of a General Hospital Section in California, I experienced having 95% of the hospital personnel deployed over the time of the conflict. The experience allowed me to see firsthand, prior to mobilization and after all had returned, that military staff was not prepared for this rapid deployment.

Private Citizens Filling In Where the Government Falls Short

It is no secret that veterans today frequently receive less than adequate medical services upon their return from service.

No Magic Bullet: Effective Combat Stress Control Programs

“My Lord, I must give up. I am grown so nervous that when there is any service to be done it works upon my mind so that it is impossible for me to sleep at nights. I cannot possibly stand it and I shall be forced to retire.”

From a letter to Lord Wellington
By Lieutenant–General Sir Thomas Picton
– Commander, British 5th Division, Battle of Waterloo, 1815
– Killed in Action

The Texas Blue Series on Veterans Issues

Earlier this year, the Washington Post broke a story about Walter Reed Army Medical Center in which serious problems were laid bare. Negligence was cited and immediate calls for action occurred throughout the highest levels of government. “The war in Iraq has divided our nation, but the cause of supporting our troops unites us," said Senator Carl Levin, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services.

A Brief History Of Democrats

Whenever we hear stories about “the good old days,” they always involve some sort of line meant to make you feel lazy. Lines such as “I had to walk a mile through the rain and snow,” or “you kids don’t know how easy you have it,” are not unfamiliar to us. In some cases, though, the good old days were easier than they are now.

Power Derived, Power Assumed

Whenever the presiding officer attempts to thwart the purpose of the office, the power resides in the assembly to pass the presiding officer by and proceed to action otherwise... The power is inherent or inseparably attached to the right of the body to convene and act.

Mason's Manual of Legislative Procedure, Sec. 576.1

Shrinking Support for Olmert Makes for an Uncertain Future

Israel may face new elections in the coming months. If Prime Minister Ehud Olmert cannot hold his fragile coalition government together, he will have to call for new elections while dealing with low popularity and a growing scandal over Israel’s performance in the war with Hezbollah last summer.

Religion and Politics in Rural West Texas

Until the appearance of the abortion issue, religion was never a consideration in West Texas politics. The election of John F. Kennedy as President made a small ripple among Protestants because of their concerns over electing a Catholic. That issue soon was put to rest by Kennedy and the way he ran his administration. It was a long time between Kennedy and the Moral Majority, but the groundwork for change was being laid even then.

Fruits, Flowers and Civil War: The Iraq Insurgency in Year Four

The traditional gifts given to celebrate a four year anniversary are fruits and flowers. With regards to our four year anniversary of the end of major combat operations in Iraq, neither fruits nor flowers are on the gift registry. The only gifts being given by the ongoing civil war are death, maiming, destruction and suffering.