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House Judiciary Committee Votes To Hold Rove In Contempt of Congress

I don't know if the attempt at a citizens' arrest fazed former presidential adviser Karl Rove any yesterday, but if I were him, I'd be more concerned about this morning's vote by the House Judiciary Committee in favor of holding him in contempt.

The VP Landscape: Hurry Up And Wait

So what do you do as a presidential contender if your opponent is capturing the media cycle with overseas trips and you don't actually have anything substantive to compete with for the press' attention? Well, if you're John McCain, you leak that you might be choosing a running mate really, really soon now.

The Enemy of My Friend Can Be My Friend

The House Armed Services personnel subcommittee, in its hearings yesterday on the "don't ask, don't tell" policy, found itself in an unexpected moment of bipartisan unity in support of gay servicemen and women as an ardent critic of gays in the military (and women as well, for that matter) showed her true colors, spouting often illogical, sometimes downright incorrect accusations that seemed to unify committee congressmen against her ravings.

Brimer Loses In Court - Again

Republican State Senator Kim Brimer has tried to find some way to prevent Wendy Davis from running against him time and time again this cycle — understandably so, I suppose, considering the string of ethics complaints against Brimer that have made him a particularly weak incumbent. He went to bat again recently with his lawsuit to take Davis off the ballot, and today he struck out once again.

Separation of Church and State Board of Education

The buck got passed on constitutional separation of church and state once again as the State Board of Education approved general guidelines for an elective Bible course in Texas schools.

Iraq Prime Minister: Obama's Right

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki gave an interview with the famous German news weekly Der Spiegel yesterday where he named Barack Obama's 16-month withdrawal plan specifically as the "the right time frame for a withdrawal."

The Netroots Nation Halftime Show

There's a sort of trend in most multi-day conventions that can be seen as they progress. Every passing day, the crowds walking into the morning keynote tend to get a little thinner, their eyes a little blearier, their attention perhaps a little, well, less attentive. This is often worst on Saturday mornings, as folks are recovering from the full frontal assault of Friday night parties.

The Netroots Nation organizers, clever folks that they are, seem to have found the cure for that. No matter how bleary-eyed, nobody was going to miss the question-and-answer session this morning with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — and if there was anyone still unimpressed, that quickly ended when Al Gore made a surprise appearance.

It's (semi-)Official: Chris Bell for SD 17

The Associated Press got some choice words from the former gubernatorial candidate on his decision to run for the state Senate seat in District 17 being vacated by Kyle Janek. Bell says he'll be making the official announcement Sunday evening.

Brimer Files Second Lawsuit Against Davis' Candidacy

After the first failed attempt at suing Wendy Davis to get her off the ballot, Kim Brimer is trying again to avoid having to run for reelection to his state Senate seat in Tarrant County.

Bob Barr Putting The Scare on Republicans

Congressman Ron Paul may be officially out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination, but McCain's campaign is still looking behind them nervously. The reason: Many analysts have been looking with interest at Libertarian candidate Bob Barr's campaign and its potential to pull more discontented Republicans away from voting for McCain in November.

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