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Debating, Seriously

In last week’s Democratic presidential debate, the tenor and tone clearly showed that Clinton is the front-runner.

Internal Strife Becomes an External Problem for Romney

As the primaries draw near, presidential hopefuls fight their opponents for top billing. However, fights between candidates are not the only conflicts in the race. Politico has the story about some internal campaign troubles for Mitt Romney.

Citgo Convicted On Environmental Charges

Citgo Petroleum Corp. and a refining subsidiary were indicted last year on several environmental crime charges after an unannounced inspection at their plant located in Corpus Christi. The company was convicted on two of those charges — both related to operating enormous oil tanks without proper emissions equipment in place — on June 27.

Good Natured

One of the major changes in the new, Democratic-led Congress is that the environment has a fighting chance. The Republicans led an all-out assault on our natural resources, ruling with a polluting fist.

Embryonic Veto

President Bush has threatened to veto a bill passed by both House and Senate dealing with stem-cell research. It is clear the President’s agenda is not congruent with the American peoples', who have elected the officials in Congress to represent the voter’s views.

Coaled Sweat

The U.S. Energy Information Administration recently reported on gas emissions by state, and Texas was rated number one in producing the most greenhouse gas emissions in the country.

On The Record: Ella Tyler

For this episode of On the Record, we speak with Ella Tyler, Committeewoman for Senate District 17.

On The Record: Kay Sweat

For this episode of On The Record, we speak with Kay Sweat, Committeewoman for SDEC District 5.

On The Record: Mary Edwards

For this edition of On The Record, I spoke with Mary Edwards, SDEC Committeewoman for SD 10.

Keeping What Little Nature We Have Left

I grew up in a small Texas town, surrounded by trees, creeks, and cows. I was able to walk out of my front door and play in any number of natural settings, so it never occurred to me until recently that this was not the norm for the rest of the world as well.

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