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The White House and the New York Times

The White House was in rare form today, demanding a retraction of a sub-headline from the New York Times.

On The Record: Hector Nieto

For this episode of On The Record, we speak with Hector Nieto, the Deputy Communications Director for the Texas Democratic Party and former legislative director for Texas Representative Rafael Anchia.

Democrats Outraged at Destruction of C.I.A. Tapes

The CIA destroyed at least two video tapes of interrogations of al-Queda operatives, Abu Zubaydah and another unnamed detainee. The destruction of the tapes came during allegations of unlawful detainment and torture practices.

Bush Goofs Again

In a briefing today held by President Bush, he announced his plan of action to help the millions of homeowners struggling to fight foreclosure on their homes. He then immediately gave out the wrong number for the hotline used to access the program.

Hennessey Takes Helm at Economic Council

Keith Hennessey was named the new National Economic Council director for the Bush administration after former director Allan Hubbard resigned to spend more time with family.

Lott Leaving Leads to Leadership Scramble

As Lott resigns his position in the Senate, he also resigns his position as minority whip. The open position will rearrange some current Republican leadership spots. Among the contenders for opening positions, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison hunts for a new title.

The Big “Guns”

As Iowa caucuses get closer and early voting nears, the top contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination are calling on friends and family to be in places they can’t and secure women’s votes.

Huckabee Finding the Middle Ground

Republicans have counted on the religious right and fiscal conservatives to win the nominations of elections for many years. Huckabee has found enemies among the latter during his race for the presidency.

Give Thanks For: Great Educators

In my entry-level environmental science class at the University of North Texas, Dr. Ken Dickson instructed the mass of Freshman and Sophomores. Dickson’s lectures informed students about current global environmental issues.

What Are Environmental Habitats Good For? Bush says: Fences

In the spirit of the holiday season, the Bush administration is fast-tracking the divisive fence on the U.S.-Mexico border by overriding environmental review for the land used and altering the wildlife habitat to a devastating degree.

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