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Freedom's Watch $15 Million Propaganda Campaign

I thought it was settled that Iraq had nothing to do with September 11th. Then I watched Freedom’s Watch’s new ads and witnessed a blatant attempt to rewrite history and reframe the current Iraq debate.

Government Finds Free Speech Expensive

During a Bush rally on July 4, 2004, in Austin Texas, Nicole and Jeffery Rank were arrested and charged with trespassing for refusing to cover their anti-Bush T-shirts.

Vets for Freedom Not for Vets

A relatively new group calling themselves Vets for Freedom is pressuring politicians to keep US troops in Iraq indefinitely.

Beware the September Sleight of Hand

According to embedded CNN reporter Michael Ware, recent progress in Iraq is being achieved at the expense of long term political solvency.

Fool Us Once…

The Bush Administration and the Republican noise machine are doing their dead level best to fool the public twice. Most galling in this effort is their attempt to use the very same arguments as before to push their war agenda. They are claiming that we cannot leave Iraq because al-Qaeda has established a stronghold making Iraq the central front of the war on terror. Yet this time the American public is not buying it. Cream-skimming and cherry-picking of intelligence for the sake of presidential prerogative is no longer allowed.

Tarot Cards, Magic Eight Balls & Gut Feelings

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff reports that his gut is telling him a terrorist attack may occur this summer. I suppose after receiving such dire warnings from his gut, Chertoff surely verified this intelligence by consulting the official Homeland Security Tarot Cards or the department’s trusty Magic Eight Ball.

Republican Presidential Candidates Scooting Out of the Mainstream

It is always a challenge for Presidential candidates of both parties to maneuver successfully through their primary and remain viable for the general. At this point the Democratic candidates are doing much better than the Republicans. Democratic candidates’ positions are in large part consistent with public opinion on Iraq, comprehensive immigration reform, health care, education, and Scooter Libby.

Senator John "Do Nothing" Cornyn (R-Texas)

Apparently Senator Cornyn is having some trouble with the notion of legalizing the approximately 12 million people in the US that currently have no legal status.

Gen. Taguba: We Violated The Laws of Land Warfare & The Geneva Convention

The New Yorker’s Seymour Hursh writes a shocking and disturbing article over new insights into Abu Ghraib and Army Major General Antonio Taguba’s investigation of the whole disaster.

Illegal Immigration About Economic Imbalance

Both opponents and proponents of the new immigration bill fail to step back and truly understand the complex circumstances and underlying factors fueling illegal immigration.

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