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Credibility Conundrums & Doldrums

Some new polls show that US credibility abroad is dismal. The Iraq fiasco, Guantanamo, kangaroo courts, renditions, secret prisons, and torture are collectively draining US credibility at a dizzying clip. The Iraq debacle alone is so damaging that any number of despots polluting the world will use it for justifying and defending their improper and inhumane behavior.

Christian Conservatives: The GOP’s Double-Edged Sword

The GOP faces the possibility of having to forfeit one of their most viable presidential candidates for fear of losing 40% of their base.

Republicans Reject 21st Century Research

Republicans defeated a Democratic bill making it illegal to use cloning technology for starting a pregnancy or generating a cloned human being. Republicans claim their opposition was due to the bill not also covering a ban on cloning technology for the purpose of stem cell research.

Edwards Feels the People's Pulse & Performs Like a Pro

Edwards just scored big. Anti-war groups and powerful Democratic netroots are expressing outrage over Congressional Democratic leaders’ compromise with President Bush and the resultant benchmark-free war spending bill. Yesterday morning, before all hell broke loose, Edwards came out on the Today Show criticizing Democratic Congressional leaders for not standing up to the President.

McCain Serves Cornyn on Immigration

According to a number of witnesses, Senators McCain and Cornyn apparently got into a bit of a verbal slap fight over who knew more about the new immigration bill Congress is presently working on.

Giuliani Intellectually Dishonest & Wretchedly Opportunistic

Giuliani is receiving much praise for his debate bludgeoning of Ron Paul. Giuliani attacked Paul by misrepresenting Paul's explanation that Middle Eastern attitudes toward the U.S. stem from blow-back on foreign policy decisions made in present and past years by various administrations.

The Radioactive Bush

Anyone and everything associated with President Bush seems to fall victim to his radioactive public persona. Tony Blair is on his way out, Republican congressional leaders lost Congress, Colin Powell lost credibility, and now the Democratic-controlled Congress is taking a hit in the polls due in large part to the appearance that they are doing nothing on the Iraq issue.

Giuliani Abortion Position Untenable

GOP presidential frontrunner Rudy Giuliani will soon find that you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Illegal Immigration is not Game Management

Many conservative politicians, pundits, and demagogues claim the answer to illegal immigration is to build a fence, wall, moat, or whatever it takes to keep the Mexicans out. The problem with this theory is that fences work well for keeping animals in or out, but don't work so well for people. People have a keen sense for learning how to overcome such minor obstacles as fences and walls. They climb over, dig under, cut through, fly over, or avoid them altogether and just drive through the border crossing.

Bush Administration September 12, 2001: Iraq Must Pay

Former CIA Director George Tenet dropped a bomb shell during his 60 Minutes interview a week ago, verifying many peoples’ belief that the Bush administration was planning an Iraq invasion not long after the September 11th terrorist attacks.

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