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What A Difference Consciousness Makes

She proved all of the pundits wrong.

Women voters gave Hillary Clinton a surprise victory in New Hampshire, after breaking with the Obama campaign in significant numbers to side with Clinton.

Abstaining From Common Sense

Approximately 750,000 American teens become parents each year. This is, incidentally, the highest rate among Westernized nations. America’s secret? Abstinence-only education.

Kucinich Needed to Apply Himself

Dennis Kucinich is thinking about the Texas Primary — because he won’t be listed on March’s ballot.

Texas Governors Say The Darndest Things

During the 2000 campaign, Bush went around championing ‘his record’ as Texas Governor. Having prior knowledge of Texas history and government, I laughed. And Rick Perry’s recent distancing from Bush's ever-sinking administration has me doing it again.

Give Thanks For: Making A Difference

I’m involved in Democratic politics because the world does not change itself — and working together for that change is always more fun.

Veterans Should Not Have to Battle the Homefront for Honor

Some of our most jingoistic elected officials are leaving American veterans behind to fend for their own rights.

Disabling Voter Apathy

The American Association of People with Disabilities, the Epilepsy Foundation, and a consortium of other groups recently concluded their historic live presidential debate webcast.

New TEA Chief Faces His Own Test

Try as he might, incoming Texas Education Agency Commissioner Robert Scott won’t be able to reform the Texas Assessment of Knowllege and Skills.

Saying Bayh to Regional Election Returns

Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana provides the latest Hillary Clinton campaign endorsement.

American Health Care is On Life Support

The ‘compassionate conservative’ strikes again, this time against children.

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