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On Language, Retractions, and Words

During the recent House Democratic retreat, President Bush wore the proverbial hairshirt and apologized for excising the suffix '-ic' from the phrase "Democratic Majority." The oft-reprinted joke from the public meeting:

"Now look, my diction isn't all that good," Bush said. "I have been accused of occasionally mangling the English language. And so I appreciate you inviting the head of the Republic Party."

Monday Roundup - Dallas Ascendant, Coleman on Solar Power

State Representative Garnet Coleman joins us this week for a feature in which he outlines some of the finer points of solar power.

Weekend Roundup - Perry's Perils

The long arm of what lives through a media cycle has continued to punish Governor Perry. He hasn't much acted like a man with a 39% mandate. His proposals have been bold, large, sweeping, and, as he is discovering, extremely unpopular.

Friday Roundup - The Rick Perry We Know and Love

I know we've all been wondering what's happening with Rick Perry lately. He's seemed so concerned, so progressive, so uncharacteristically wholesome, that I speculated he had to be tempering his image for a national run in the newly mainstream, centrist American political environment. So when, after spending a week tying the privatization of the state lottery to finding a cure for cancer, he implied that the late Governor Ann Richards would be "proud" of the idea, I knew the old Perry was back.

Thursday Roundup - The Jury Meets The Press

Tim Russert testified yesterday in the Scooter Libby trial, and his defense attorneys have the unenviable job of making him out to be a less than credible witness. He isn't quite Cronkite, but Americans by and large trust Tim Russert, and most journalists talk about his credibility with the kind of fervent admiration usually reserved for mythical creatures.

Hello, World: Welcome to the Internet

John Edwards hired some bloggers. Those bloggers had, well, blogged about a thing or two. The Catholic League got mad. That's where things get weird.

Who's Blue? Dr. Dennis Teal

This week's episode of Who's Blue features an interview with Dr. Dennis Teal, State Democratic Executive Committeeman from Senate District 3. We cover a little bit of everything, from the makeup of the Committee to Democratic politics in rural Texas.

Wednesday Roundup - Platitudes and Astronauts

A lot of ink was expended covering Rick Perry's State of the State yesterday, by many and several media outlets, various other blogs, and Democratic party leaders and elected officials. My take on the whole deal is that, like most State Of The Something speeches, it called for bipartisanship and enumerated a long list of things that Rick Perry Is Going To Do That Will Be Great. I say that the onus for bipartisanship lay with the party in charge, and declare that all of his Big Ideas, which include the modest goal of curing cancer and are given even at the expense of alienating much of his base, are geared towards dusting him up for a national role.

Tuesday Roundup - A Senate slapfight and the Scorched Earth

Who thought that by this time in 2007 we'd be using the term "obstructionist Republicans?" Well, I did, and that's what happened last night when I turned on the news and saw that Senate Republicans had stopped debate on the anti-surge resolution. Majority Leader Harry Reid assured the GOP that the debate will happen anyways, and as the subject of money and budgets comes up, you can be sure Iraq will be a sticking point. The Chron has an in depth look at a couple of the implications.

New Feature: On The Record

We want to take a moment to tell you about a new feature we've introduced today called On The Record.

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