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New feature and Monday news roundup

Today we have a new feature from Judge Susan Larsen, in which she shares her observations on the decline of oral argument in Texas appellate courts.

The Chron's Clay Robison openly wonders if Chisum or Turner will get the Appropriations chair that Craddick is certain to take away from Pitts. Since Chisum hasn't been shy about his desire for the gig, I'm willing to bet he'll get it.

The Ice Storm, Part 2

It seems as if Denton was sort of surrounded by the weather disaster rather than pounded by it, but the Weather Channel is showing me an animated radar that looks very threatening... if it actually materializes and doesn't stall out over Abilene. The local media seems to think things are going to get out of hand, including the picture they lead with. With all that considered, we are reminded that the news waits for no man.

The Ice Storm Cometh

It isn't treacherous outside yet, but as The Texas Blue has its home office in Denton, the Weather Channel is convinced that we are in a state of emergency. I wanted put out a quick update on national politics before the power goes out and we have to revert to living like hunter-gatherers.

Friday News Roundup: Immigration and Other Indictments

Today we have a new article from staff writer Betsy Parchem, resident of Farmers Branch and reluctant witness to the English-only ordinance hijinx currently underway in that city.

Back to Boston

I got a letter this morning from Karl-Thomas Musselman, who until yesterday was the Editor of the Burnt Orange Report and a vibrant, driving force in Texas' netroots revolution. He's moving to Boston to work on ActBlue, which you should probably be familiar with if you are not already. I've lived in Boston a couple of times, once for a while after I graduated high school and again during the 2004 election cycle.

Menos Threatening Letters, Please

A few days ago, I saw a story about a promotion a southern pizza chain was running in which they would accept pesos as well as dollars. Pizza Patron caters to a Hispanic clientele, and news of the promotion brought them deals. It also brought them death threats.

News Roundup: Political Blitz

Wednesday was relatively quiet in Texas politics - the beginnings and goings-on in Austin seemed muted in comparison to the frenzy of the day of the Speaker's Race. Sure, Dan Patrick filed a trigger law in the Texas Senate that outlaws abortion in case of Roe v. Wade being overturned, but the time for that idea may have already passed.

The Day After

Not much seemed to be cooking in Austin throughout the morning. The news mostly concerned the post-game on the Speaker's Race, and various MSM analyses of what happened, or what it all means.

Who's Blue? - Representative Valinda Bolton

We have a new Who's Blue? for you today, this time featuring an interview with newly elected State Representative Valinda Bolton. You can check it out here.

Speaker's Race Post-Game: Jim Dunnam speaks

I received this letter written by Representative Jim Dunnam and thought our readers might like to see it.

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