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Sammy Hagar and Kenny Marchant

The New York Times and CQ Political Money Line have posted an interesting collection of recent ethics filings detailing some travel gifts from corporations and other entities to elected officials. Southern Nazarene University, for some reason, sent Congressman Kenny Marchant to Cabo.

Covering the coverage - HD 29

There was a special election all up ins House District 29 on Tuesday, in which Democratic candidate Anthony DiNovo came in third, setting the stage for a Republican run-off. Early results looked like this, representative of the way the whole thing turned out:

(D) Anthony A. DiNovo 1,642 22.43%
(R) John Gorman 116 1.58%
(R) Mike O'Day 3,508 47.92%
(R) Randy Weber 2,054 28.06%

That Crafty Leininger

Oh ho, James Leininger. Aren't you a card! You have a plan to make school vouchers more palatable, eh?

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