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Monday Roundup, School Voucher Feature

Today we have a new feature by Karl Lynch on the much-discussed issue of school vouchers. We also have a little bit of news to catch up on.

Even more candidates

In case you live under a rock, Hillary Clinton announced that she is running for President. She already has a lot of money, so the exploratory committee is more by default than anything else.

Friday Roundup

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee received an incredibly high-profile leadership position earlier this week when she was appointed to chair the House Homeland Security Committee's Transportation Security and Infrastructure Protection subcommittee. That's a mouthful, and it should be - not only is that committee responsible for security oversight of mass transit, airports, port security, and highway systems, but Jackson Lee has announced they are going to dig into the issue of foreign ownership of highways and tollroads. If you think that might have something to do with the TransTexas Corridor, you'd be right.

The State of the State of the Union

A tiny story on MSNBC reveals Bush's five points for the State of the Union: the war on terror, energy, health care, immigration and education. Conspicuously absent is a focus on Iraq.

Thursday News Roundup + Lampson

Staff Writer Cody Yocom examines the 2008 Congressional race in District 22, home of Nick Lampson.

Rick Perry gave a speech at his inaugural titled "Imagine the Possibilities!" which made me feel like I was at a job fair. The Governor took his own advice during the last election cycle and imagined the possibilities created by Bob Perry giving donations totaling a million dollars to the Republican Governors Association, which would sometimes immediately disburse like amounts to (Rick) Perry's campaign. The link is more obvious than verifiable, but hey - we are in the business of imagining the possibilities.

New Who's Blue, News Roundup

This week's episode of Who's Blue? features a conversation with State Representative Paula Hightower Pierson. We discuss the mood in Austin during the first week of the session and the rampant growth underway in North Texas.

At the center of things

Several years ago, early on in my undergraduate studies in political science, one of my professors handed out some reading materials. The title of one of the articles was "The Disappearing American Political Center." The phrase seemed incorrect to me. "Of course there's a political center," I thought. "That's where elections are won!" These days, I still think that article was incorrect, but for different reasons: the political center wasn't disappearing. It was moving.

Morning Roundup: Obama, Dan Patrick in the news

Barack Obama officially announced this morning that he's forming an exploratory committee, which amounts to an official Presidential proclamation.

The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

It is difficult to write about Martin Luther King's contribution to American society, or indeed to worldwide society, and not feel as if what you've written in no way does the subject justice. A Titan struggles against the tides of History and lesser men like me observe. History finds you out, and those that change the world withstand the test of time.

Too Soon?

John Edwards and Hillary Clinton are calling each other out. Yesterday at Harlem's Riverside Church, where Dr. Martin Luther King called for US forces to pull out of Vietnam 40 years ago, John Edwards called on the members of Congress to take a stand against the new Bush plan:

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