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The Craddick Phone Bank

Combing through a Texas news cycle in which the politics coverage is dominated by the Race for Speaker, I discovered some hilarity in the Austin American-Statesman: Tom Craddick is going grassroots, and having a big old phonebank for some GOTV action.

Do we want this?

Reports are flying from every source about Tom Craddick's sudden but not entirely unexpected difficulties in his race for Speaker of the Texas House. First McCall, then Talton, and now Jim Pitts have announced that in one capacity or another, they are all running against Craddick. Everyone claims to have pledges from this rep or that rep and everyone says they have the votes to win.

John Edwards announces

Former North Carolina Senator John Edwards announced his candidacy for President from New Orleans' Ninth Ward this morning. It capped off a series of what I would call rolling announcements, throughout which: today's announcement was announced, a YouTube video was released discussing today's announcement, a web site snafu which revealed the announcement site a day before the actual announcement, and so on. So now, officially, he is running for President.

More on the Montgomery Poll

I spoke with Jeff Montgomery from Montgomery & Associates this morning about the previously mentioned "Texas Directions" survey. He stressed to me the important point that, again, this poll is not of likely voters or even registered voters, but rather a random sample of the Texas adult demographic. Some of the detailed issue responses were very informative.

Most of the Party is Over Here

Harvey Kronberg had a story with serious implications late in the day yesterday, dealing with a new survey of Texas citizens and party identification. While the population was comprised of Texans rather than likely voters, the results (and trends) are important: for the first time since Montgomery and Associates began running the survey three years ago, more people identified themselves as Democrats than Republicans.

Regulators, Mount Up

Representative Lon Burnam (D-Fort Worth) is proposing legislation which calls for the undoing of the deregulation from the 76th session. Representative Sylvester Turner (D-Houston) is reportedly filing similar legislation, but the text of that bill is as yet unavailable.

A University TAKS

Oh boy. This could lead to problems.

Surround Sound Speakers

Shortly before Christmas, some rumblings began on the race for Speaker in the Texas House. This morning, I heard on NPR that Representative Brian McCall is claiming he has the votes to win.

Christmas T-3 Morning News Round-Up

The news is a little thin in this week when no one is around. But a few reporters are still filing stories, even if it is from hotel bars or interweb cafes.

Finance Thunderdome

The Chron is running a story today about how much money there is to be had for Republican presidential prospects in Texas. Texas is not particularly crazy for any single Republican candidate, so all the big donors, the Rangers and whatever elses, have room to fork over.

Texas gave Bush $23 million in 2004, which is classified scientifically as "not nothing."

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