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A Rich Judicial Tapestry

So, hey, the Supreme Court has been getting into it the last few days, right?

Bad Headlines

If you only use part of a metaphor that's more or less obscure to begin with, comedy. FoxNews says "Bush Offers Carrots in Exchange for North Korea Nukes Declaration" and many people may think "Wow, he really is terrible at foreign relations."

Oh, and PS: North Korea might actually dismantle its nuke program.

Absenteeism On Your Permanent Record

If you've performed the basic function of your job at all since April 8th, you're doing better than Senator John McCain (R - The Open Road).

VeepStakes Chatter We Like To Hear

I think Congressman Chet Edwards is a total hero, and I don't say that just because he's a friend of the show. While Nancy Pelosi's mention of Edwards as a potential VP candidate makes total and perfect sense, he wasn't one of the names being regularly bandied about. Maybe now that will change.

John Cornyn Makes It - All the Way to Basic Cable

I knew that Big John ad was going places:

Charlie Black: Overly Candid

In case you missed it, John McCain's chief campaign strategist said that another terror attack on the United States would benefit McCain.

Still at War

Today the New York Times reports that news coverage of the Iraq War is consistently dwindling. HuffPo points to an analysis of the time devoted to war coverage that discovers the total amount of time devoted to the ongoing conflict by each network is about two minutes per week in 2008.

Scott McClellan Testifies

He's on The Hill and at the witness table as we speak, testifying before the House Judiciary Committee about the Valerie Plame case. The Dallas Morning News' Trail Blazers blog has the blow-by-blow from Todd Gillman.

Obama Will Not Take Public Matching Funds

This morning's breaking political news is that Barack Obama, who regularly broke fundraising records on his way to becoming the presumptive Democratic nominee, will not accept public matching funds.

A Hard but Vital Truth

If the avowed mission of the people in charge of accomplishing that mission hasn't been completed over a long period of time, the responsibility for that failure rests with them. Barack Obama is telling the truth when he says that the GOP's tactics and the Bush administration's actions since September 11 are to blame for the fact that Osama bin Laden has yet to be captured. No lectures from Republicans on national security, indeed.

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