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Friday In Retrospect

As is usual for most Convention Fridays, yesterday seemed like it started an impossibly long time ago. We had some national political figures roar through town, we had Kirk Watson elected permanent chair of the convention, and we had the obligatory committee problems that resulted in a late night for everyone.

(But hey, how about Natomi Austin's Star Spangled Banner? I am totally friends with her. I was blown away.)

A Shyamalan-Esque Twist

The rumor for several days had been that David Van Os might run for TDP Chair. And then he wasn't. Then he probably was. Then he absolutely totally wasn't. However, later on into last night I saw the stickers, so of course it must be true now, and permanently. That's the way these things work: once someone has campaign stickers they are in it for good.

May You Live in Exciting Times

Just back from a few hours at the convention hotel in downtown Austin. I need to get into my nice clothes for the events this evening, but first I'll share some observations after the jump.

Clinton To Endorse Obama Friday

Every news outlet on Earth is now reporting that Senator Hillary Clinton will suspend her campaign and endorse rival Senator Barack Obama on Friday. The quotable quote of the day comes from friend of the show and all-around witty gentleman Congressman Charlie Rangel:

“We pledged to support her to the end,” said Representative Charles W. Rangel, a New York Democrat who has been a patron of Mrs. Clinton since she first ran for the Senate. “Our problem is not being able to determine when the hell the end is.”

The VeepStakes Continues

You're going to see plenty of lists with possible Democratic running mates for Barack Obama in the coming days. CNN has one out this morning that is reasonably thorough, and it will suffice until Chuck Todd inexorably drops the science replete with the required Obama electoral map restructuring.

Barack Obama Clinches Nomination

NBC is calling it. CNN is calling it. The numbers add up and the contest is over: Illinois Senator Barack Obama is the Democratic Party nominee for President of the United States. The Associated Press has the advance text of his victory speech to be delivered later tonight.

McCain in New Orleans

John McCain is giving a speech in New Orleans in an attempt to reintroduce himself to America and lay claim to some other political real estate than the plot George Bush lives on. Spoiler Alert: He thinks Barack Obama isn't really in favor of change we can believe in, and he's going to tell you that at the end of every paragraph.

Stream of Superdelegates

Obama is picking up a few superdelegates per hour, and Chuck Todd and Russert have said several times that a bunch of supers will keep their promises to the Clinton campaign and not endorse before the voting is over, but will then immediately endorse Barack Obama after the polls close in Montana. I'm not sure there's any way for Obama to not hit the big number tonight.

Over Already?

The Associated Press is calling the Democratic primary for Obama, saying he has "effectively clinched the nomination" today. This isn't how I expected to be reporting this, but there it is.

Update: It seems like the generally accepted story now is that Clinton will concede, but she won't be doing it tonight.

LaRouche, Etc. (Updated)

LaRouchePAC is back on the scene just ahead of this week's Texas Democratic Party State Convention, brandishing a press release detailing a request for support and / or an endorsement from TDP Vice Chair Roy LaVerne Brooks. Brooks is running against incumbent TDP Chairman Boyd Richie for that leadership position.

UPDATE: Apparently the press release was wrong. Post updated with new information.

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