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Sen. Arlen Specter, D-PA

You read that correctly. After some polling out of Pennsylvania showing that the senator may not fare so well in a contested Republican primary, Senator Arlen Specter is to announce today that he is switching to the Democratic Party.

Texas Young Democrats Convention This Weekend

The Democratic youth vote in Texas went up over 300% in 2008. Want to know what this surging demographic is up to next? Catch the movers and shakers of the Texas youth movement at the Texas Young Democrats Convention in Austin this weekend.

If Liberals Moved to Canada, Will Conservatives Move to Albania?

And has Governor Perry bought himself some land there yet?

Charles Kuffner nails this one on the head. Remember those guys who threatened to move to Canada if Bush won a second term in '04? And how they got railed on by the Right, and were told that they should? Implication: "We don't want you here. If you're not proud to be a part of the country, you should leave."

Well, now that Governor Perry wants to secede (which, of course, he can't), it would seem like the same argument should apply.

After the Tea Parties, A Little Perspective

Today is Tax Day in America. This year, it's also Tea Party Day. The Tea Parties are a grassroots movement (wherein "grassroots" means "pumped up by FOX News and Dick Armey") full of people who are six degrees of fed up with all of this big government spending. And the stimulus. And public assistance. And socialism. And...and...oh, it's not even worth making fun of it any more, folks.

Getting Back AIG's Bonus Money

So this is what it took to get bipartisanship? The House has just passed a bill imposing a 90% tax on the $165 billion in bonus money given out to AIG employees, with all Democrats and nearly half of Republicans voting in favor.

No News is Good News

...and in that spirit, I note that Texas Republican congressmen Joe Barton and John Culberson made the news today for showing their true colors as being more interested in sacrificing bipartisanship to get in some partisan points instead of working together to benefit Americans and Texans.

The First Week has a summary of President Obama's first week in office. Along with the expected quick move to close Guantanamo and address the economic crisis, the article highlights some moves to counter the failings of the Bush 43 administration that didn't get as much media coverage.

And So It Begins

It, of course, being the presidency of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. View the video of the inaugural address right here, after the jump.

Smithee, Gattis Withdraw

Earlier today Georgetown Republican Dan Gattis and Amarillo Republican John Smithee both withdrew from consideration for Speaker of the 81st Legislature. Unless conservative grassroots pressure rallies the G.O.P. troops behind another candidate who can pull off a political Hail Mary of the highest order, in eight days San Antonio Republican Joe Straus will be the next Speaker of the Texas House.

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