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Mitch McConnell Rediscovers Bipartisanship

Sunday, on CNN's State of the Union, Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) discussed his disappointment with what he characterized as President Obama's lack of bipartisanship.

The Texas House Takes Up Voter ID

From the Dallas Morning News and Representative Aaron Pena's (D-Edinburg) Twitter feed comes the latest news on the voter identification bill up for consideration in the Texas State House of Representatives.

Getting Back AIG's Bonus Money

So this is what it took to get bipartisanship? The House has just passed a bill imposing a 90% tax on the $165 billion in bonus money given out to AIG employees, with all Democrats and nearly half of Republicans voting in favor.

No News is Good News

...and in that spirit, I note that Texas Republican congressmen Joe Barton and John Culberson made the news today for showing their true colors as being more interested in sacrificing bipartisanship to get in some partisan points instead of working together to benefit Americans and Texans.

State Failure, Local Motion

Yesterday, Senator John Corona (R-Dallas), chairman of the Senate Transportation and Homeland Security Committee, filed Senate Bill 885 that would allow urban areas to vote to levy local taxes to fund road and rail projects. Among the local taxes that could be raised under Senator Corona's plan are the following:

Rick Perry Endorsed By Sarah Palin As A "True Conservative"

Even though the Legislature is now in session and Rick Perry can't raise any money until the session ends, his re-election bid is back in the news thanks to a letter from Governor Sarah Palin to "Texas Republican women" that was publicized earlier this week. Governor Palin endorsed Governor Perry as "the true conservative" in the Texas Gubernatorial race in 2010. Among her accolades for the Governor was this wonderful nugget:

RNC Chairman Mike Duncan Ends Re-Election Bid

UPDATE: Former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele defeated South Carolina GOP Chairmain Katon Dawson on the final ballot and is the new RNC Chair. Chairman Steele becomes the first African-American to lead the RNC.

The First Week has a summary of President Obama's first week in office. Along with the expected quick move to close Guantanamo and address the economic crisis, the article highlights some moves to counter the failings of the Bush 43 administration that didn't get as much media coverage.

And So It Begins

It, of course, being the presidency of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. View the video of the inaugural address right here, after the jump.