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Daily Roundup, 3/10/2008: Working from the Weekend

A big weekend in politics saw yet another primary contest, some disheartening economic data, and a presidential veto.

80 Superdelegates Will Wait It Out

A new Washington Post survey of superdelegates shows that many of them are planning to wait until June before backing Clinton or Obama. Pennsylvania may not be the end of it.

Dennis Hastert's Seat Goes Democratic

Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert resigned before the end of his term, forcing a special election for the Congressional seat in what has long been a dependable Republican district. That special election's results send a Democrat to replace Hastert in Congress.

New Florida Primary

State officials in Florida are proposing a new primary, and this one will be by mail. If they're talking about how to pay for it in real terms, it will probably happen.

Bush Vetoes Torture Ban

The news came on the radio when we were in the car.

Wyoming Votes Today

With 12 delegates at stake, Wyoming's might not be a big deal in a normal year. This is no normal year, though, so today's contest could prove to be of signficant strategic value.

McCain and Overstatement

In the weeks to come, you're going to hear a lot of justification from Senator McCain about the following: while he thinks the war in Iraq is right, he has said all along they were doing it wrong. The press will back him up. He will also reiterate many times that he called for former Defense Secretary Rumsfeld to be canned. The problem is, he didn't. Unfortunately, the press will probably still back him up.

Why is the Media Ignoring Hagee?

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is probably wondering what the rest of us are: why isn't the media scrutinizing John Hagee, or McCain's acceptance of him and his endorsement? Speaker Pelosi spoke up recently and called on McCain to reject the man and his mythos, and I wholeheartedly agree: Hagee is one truly frightening dude.

News Roundup, 3/7/08: Dispatches From the Frozen North

One of the advantages of being a digital professional is that I can do my job from anywhere, and I often do. So on a day like today, when my town in North Texas is covered in the cheery, frozen aftermath of a major winter storm, we can still bring you the political news despite adverse weather conditions.


You're gonna like this one: the RNC has been busy cybersquatting on hilarious web addresses with negative connotations on the Democratic candidates.

The day after Barack Obama won the Iowa caucuses, the R.N.C. snapped up at least 20 domains related to his candidacy. Some of them may signal the party’s future strategy: and The party has also begun preemptively registering domains that could be used to attack John McCain, like,, and ( was taken.)

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