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Video: Chet Edwards in the Spin Room

Congressman Chet Edwards discusses what the increased Democratic turnout means for Republicans in Texas, gives his take on the debate, and asserts that superdelegates will not go against caucus and primary results in selecting the nominee. Video after the jump.

Video: Ron Kirk in the Spin Room

Former Dallas mayor and Barack Obama supporter Ron Kirk discusses why he thinks Obama is doing for politics what Tiger Woods did for golf and what J.K. Rowling did for literature, and what has most excited him about Obama's campaign in Texas. Video after the jump.

Video: Ed Martin in the Spin Room

Democratic strategist and former TDP Executive Director Ed Martin discusses the implications of the Austin Debate and heightened primary excitement for the Texas Democratic Party. Video after the jump.

Video: Garry Mauro in the Spin Room

Garry Mauro, chair of Clinton's campaign in Texas, discusses Obama's chances and whether the primary will be over before the convention. Video after the jump from the post-debate Spin Room.

Nader Announces

It was only a matter of time, I suppose.

Video: Mark Penn in the Spin Room

I catch chief Clinton campaign strategist Mark Penn on his way out and ask him whether he thinks the primary will last all the way to the convention. Video after the jump.

Video: Clinton Speaks to Supporters in Fort Worth

In this footage (recorded this morning by my wife, Diana) Senator Hillary Clinton speaks to supporters in Fort Worth, Texas. The scheduled rally was canceled out of respect for Dallas Police Officer Victor Lozada-Tirado, an officer in Senator Clinton's motorcade who was killed in a motorcycle accident earlier in the day. Video after the jump.

Video: David Axelrod In the Spin Room

Obama campaign manager David Axelrod answers questions from me and everyone else in the Spin Room after the Texas Democratic Debate. Video after the jump.

Some Post-Debate Thoughts

You've seen a lot of headlines today about how there were no knockout blows in the debate last night. The feeling at the debate seems to have been different than the feeling projected on TV, and now I think the real argument is whether the tie goes to Clinton or Obama, and what the final ten days will hold for the campaigns.

Game Plans and the Road Out of Texas

Tonight, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama debate in Austin, Texas. It is not overstating it to say that there hasn't been a night like this in Texas politics in a long, long time.

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