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No Final Caucus Results Until At Least March 29

According to the Texas Democratic Party, we can expect to see somewhere around 50% of the precincts report Tuesday night's caucus results in the immediate future, but the final figures won't be tallied until at least March 29, when the Senate District conventions convene around the state.

Breakouts in HD 96; Zedler Vulnerable

The Chris Turner campaign just released some numbers and analysis from last night, and the results in HD 96 are very interesting. You might guess that Democrats outvoted Republicans, but they outvoted Republicans in incumbent Republican Bill Zedler's district by a greater ratio (2.45:1) than in Tarrant County overall (1.98:1) and statewide overall (2.07:1). Turner garnered 16,912 votes to Zedler's 7,129, and 25% of Republican primary voters in Zedler's district voted against him. Read the whole release here in PDF.

Daily News, 3/5/2008: One for the Books

It has been a long month or so, but the Texas primary is officially in the books, and just shy of three million Texans cast votes in the Democratic primary. Senator Hillary Clinton surprised the pundits by running away with Ohio and managed to win on both popular votes and delegates in the Texas primary.

Clinton Projected Winner Of Texas Primary

NBC and CNN have called the Texas primary for Hillary Clinton. I hope you didn't have anything to do for the next seven weeks, or three months. Dig in and get comfortable - this race is far from over.

The Texas Fight Is On


In an extraordinary Clinton conference call -- in which the campaign alleged irregularities in the Texas caucuses -- the top lawyer for the Obama campaign (Bob Bauer) jumped on the call during the Q&A session to rebut the Clinton camp's charges.

Clinton Wins Ohio

MSNBC and other agencies calling Ohio for Clinton; she has a 16 point lead with 67% reporting. She really broke it open up there, and there's going to be plenty to look at.

Update: There's nothing about Clinton's victory speech that makes me think she's ever dropping out. Ever.

Early Exit Polling Data for Ohio, Texas

Update (5:45PM) Dem Primary Party ID, Ohio: 69% Dem, 22% Independent, 10% Republican. In Texas: 67% Dem, 24% Independent, 10% Republican.

Super Tuesday II Results and Predictions

I'm starting to get the impression that Texas' results are going to be full of surprises, but let's make predictions anyways. Get into it after the jump.

Demographics and Party Switchers

For all you number crunchers out there, here are some items of interest courtesy of Leland Beatty. If you like demographic breakdowns and early vote party switcher analysis, check after the jump for both.

Dems Want Hillary To Stay In It

A new Washington Post - ABC poll of Democratic voters shows that a significant majority of them want Clinton to stay in the race if she wins Ohio or Texas. I rarely ever agree with Tucker Carlson, but yesterday he made the argument that it is very difficult to justify someone dropping out immediately after they win a state like Ohio. If she wins Ohio and the popular vote in Texas, I don't think there's anyway this ends tonight. If all she has to hang her hat on is winning the popular vote in Texas, the ground is more shaky but in that case everything gets very complicated very fast.

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